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Mentor Sessions & Education

Congratulations!! You are ready to invest in yourself! I am so excited. If you have questions you want answers to, you want more portfolio work, you want to gain more experience, or even just master your camera, I'm here for you! When I started learning photography I felt overwhelmed by the sheer magnitude of everything I had to learn. Not to mention wondering how to market, how to make Instagram work for me, and how to book more clients. Learning from other photographers saved me! I am so grateful for each time I invested in myself and my business by doing a mentor session or asking a question. So if you're ready to have a new BFF for life or you just have some questions, fill out the contact form below!

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 1 hour Mentor Session

Let's talk. We can meet up in person over lunch or we can meet over zoom. Either way, this is the chance for you to ask any question you dream of! Need ideas? I can send you topics I usually cover, which can include: creative shots, editing techniques, camera settings, posing, marketing, basically anything you think of.  I'll create a personal PDF of everything for you afterwards. And I'll become your cheerleader for life!!



In person Photo Session

This is my favorite!! I'll plan a styled shoot that matches your brand vibe. Let me know what you want practice or portfolio work on, and I'll get a real couple to model for us! I'll demonstrate my session flow, how to pose & prompt, and coach you as you pose the couple yourself! This is also a great option if you aren't sure about your camera settings & want some help in a real setting. 


Shadow an Entire Wedding Day

If you are hoping to gain experience shooting weddings or want to learn what a wedding day is like, come with me! I'll show you my approach to photographing a real wedding, answer your questions, and give you all of the tips I have learned. This is a great way to build your portfolio & book the wedding of your dreams!


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